Quality Assurance of Training

1. General provisions
1.1. KeeleLabor OÜ offers in-service training for adults.
1.2. KeeleLabor OÜ is guided by the Adult Education Act, the requirements of the In-service Training Standard and the basics of study organization in ensuring the quality of in-service training.
1.3. KeeleLabor OÜ trainers follow the Code of Professional Ethics of Adult Trainers when conducting in-service training and communication with clients.

2. Conditions and procedures for quality assurance of curricula
2.1. The curricula are drawn up in accordance with the Adult Education Act, the Continuing Education Standard, the Continuing Education Curriculum Development Guide, the European Framework for Languages and other level descriptors approved by the Ministry of Education.
2.2. The curriculum shall include at least the following information:
2.2.1. title of the curriculum;
2.2.2. curriculum group;
2.2.3. learning outcomes of the curriculum;
2.2.4. conditions for starting studies, if these are a prerequisite for achieving learning outcomes;
2.2.5. the total volume of study, including the proportion of classroom, practical and independent work;
2.2.6. learning content;
2.2.7. description of the learning environment;
2.2.8. list of study materials;
2.2.9. conditions for termination and the documents to be issued;
2.2.10. description of the qualifications, training or work experience required to complete the training.
2.3. The curriculum is based on the needs of a specific target group.

3. Conditions and procedures for quality assurance of the learning environment
3.1. OÜ KeeleLabor conducts trainings at the address Laki 11b in a specially designed language class that meets the requirements of health protection.
3.2. The study room is equipped with the necessary equipment and tools for language learning: paper and marker board, lecturer’s computer, additional screen, internet connection.
3.3. Study materials are available on paper or electronically.
3.4. The size of the training group depends on the content of the training. The trainings are predominantly conducted in small groups with the aim of providing each student with an individual approach and an opportunity for active participation.

4. Conditions and procedures for quality assurance of trainers
4.1. Lecturers must have higher and / or pedagogical education and be active in the field of language learning. In-service training is provided by lecturers who hold an Adult Trainer Qualification and / or an Adult Trainer Professional Certification Certificate.
4.2. Participants in in-service training have the opportunity to get acquainted with the curriculum, study program and other documents related to learning on the website of KeeleLabor OÜ (www.keelelabor.ee).

5. Procedures for collecting feedback on in-service training
5.1. In order to gather feedback on the training, the graduates will complete a paper or electronic questionnaire at the end of the course. Feedback and suggestions for improvement, in particular regarding course content, teaching methods, materials, lecturer attitudes and study organization, will be analyzed and any necessary changes will be made to further improve the quality and effectiveness of teaching.